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Growing Lemon Balm

growing lemon balm within the gardenLemon balm leaves give off a strong lemon scent whenever you rub or even brush up against them.

The green leaves involving lemon balm hold the scent regarding lemon using a hint of mint, using leaves that seem to be similar to oversized mint--no surprise, since lemon balm will be a part of the particular mint family. Lemon balm could grow 24 to 36 inches tall and also makes a good green clump regarding medium-textured leaves among one other herbs along with flowers inside your garden. The Actual plant looks best when it will be cut back periodically, consequently program to make use of a lot of fresh, flavorful leaves to brew tea, flavor fruit or even green salad, along with season fish. Become positive to add stems throughout bouquets of summer flowers.

Soil, Planting, along with Care

Perennial lemon balm will come back throughout spring.In locations where lemon balm can be perennial, the newest leaves will peep out of the floor throughout spring.

Growing lemon balm is really a warm weather activity. Following just about all danger regarding frost features past, set lemon balm plants 20 to 24 inches apart within rich soil where it will receive a few shade through the day. Lemon balm will remain green during mild winters, such as those that function in zones 9 as well as 10. This kind of plant responds well for you to cutting, expanding again two times as thick. Anytime the plant can be seeking fatigued due to drought, hail, insects, or other stress, just cut it back again and let it rejuvenate itself using fresh, new growth. Lemon balm likes rich, moist, but well-drained soil having a pH associated with six in order to 7. because many people harvest it continually pertaining to plenty of leaves, lemon balm requirements just any little fertilizer. While planting, add the coated, slow-release fertilizer such as 19-19-19 at the rate recommended on the label, or even function plenty regarding organic vitamins from compost, blood meal, as well as cottonseed meal into the soil. Or, use Bonnie Herb, Vegetable & Flower Plant food when planting and then every number of weeks thereafter.


Lemon balm blooms late inside the season, that makes the plant look tired. Snip guidelines often for you to discourage flowering.Lemon balm will bloom toward the conclusion of the season. Plants might appear exhausted when this happens, nevertheless should you snip your leaves regularly, flowers will hardly have a opportunity to form.

Lemon balm will not spread by simply underground runners just like mint. This will increase in size, though, making a larger clump inside the garden each and every season along with sprouting coming from seeds that develop from inconspicuous flowers. to ensure that will it stays through getting up a lot of of one's garden, cut the plant again for you to several inches tall several times during the expanding season. This will maintain the plant bushy as well as healthy-looking while preventing seeds from ripening. The Particular flowers regarding lemon balm usually are generally not automatically showy, nevertheless they will create viable seed s that may germinate within your garden. Adding mulch won't just help prevent the fallen seeds through germinating, but the mulch will also gradually decay, feeding the soil with almost all the rich organic make a difference that plant needs.

Harvest and Storage

Use scissors to snip lemon balm leaves.Snip fresh lemon balm to utilize within teas or even chick en as well as fish dishes.

Lemon balm loses much of its flavor when dried, so that it can always be a seasonal delight being enjoyed as the weather is mild as well as the plant is green. However, enough of the actual fragrance remains when this herb will be dried to create it the delightful supplement in order to potpourri.


Like a number regarding other herbs, lemon balm can shed its flavor within cooking, so add it close to the finish of the cooking process. The Particular fresh lemon fragrance and flavor go nicely using each chicken and fish dishes, too as fruit and also juice drinks. Generate your own personal herbal tea by simply reducing several stems associated with lemon balm (plus any other appealing herbs), putting all of them inside a pitcher, pour boilin g drinking water over them, and allow these phones steep for approximately 15 minutes. Enjoy your tea hot or over ice.

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Can I grow lemon balm in the pot?

Yes, lemon balm is actually one of the particular easiest herbs to grow inside a container. It will flourish inside a pot with rich, well-drained potting mix. Pots has to be watered often, daily in the heat of summer. Frequent watering washes many nutrients out with the pot, thus use a timed-release fertilizer or a liquid plant meals (like Bonnie Herb & Vegetable Plant Food) occasionally whenever you water. Verify the particular label to locate out how often to always be able to apply.

I listen to about plants that are lemon flavored. How really does in which happen?

There are in reality fairly several herbs with a lemon flavor. How or perhaps why they've got developed is truly a mystery. We do know that will within times when lemons are not easily for sale in locations with out hardy citrus, these plants extra a lot in order to every day life. Lemon-flavored herbs consist of lemon balm, lemon basil, as well as lemon thyme.

My lemon balm looks pale as well as sick even with I fertilized it. Just what is going on?

Perhaps it is in too much sun. Several herbs excel within the sun, but lemon balm needs shade. Specifically throughout places where the summertime sun is hot, this plant grows best with some shade inside the afternoon or even inside a spot where you will find tall trees to minimize the actual intensity with the sun.

How may I keep lemon balm coming from overpowering my garden?

Lemon balm will not just take over like mint does, sending runners via your soil in all directions. Your clump will progressively grow wider, however, also it will reseed within the garden. Pull up your seedlings about the mother plant, then mulch round the plant to avoid re-seeding. Frequent cutting may also keep lemon balm coming from blooming along with creating mature seeds.

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